Pitti Fits
Pitti Immagine Uomo 102
Edition 102
We were back again for our 102nd edition in Firenze last week. Under the theme of Pitti Island, the weather did not disappoint with sweltering temperatures definitely giving that tropical vibe. Despite the heat, our attendees did us proud with their fits. In the past we have been more associated with the looks of those commonly known as 'Pitti Peacocks'. Whilst there is always a place for a head-to-toe tailored look (in fact we encourage it) this year saw some excellent evolution in what our fits have and will become. A new generation of Pitti attendees are bringing bright and forward-thinking verve and differentiation to the streets of Florence and for that we applaud you.

This year trends such as open work fabrics, casual prep, dopamine dressing with bright and bold prints, and a more relaxed take on tailoring were abundant among this year's fun fits.

Check out our pick of the best Pitti fits below.