What's new at I GO OUT.
Edition 104
Destination Summer in a double layout
A passion for the outdoors and nature-related sports intersects with cutting-edge style research, resulting in a new perspective on lifestyle. I GO OUT is one of the most popular sections of the Pitti Uomo itinerary, showcasing international brands specializing in outdoor clothing, accessories, and objects. This edition, held at the Sala della Ronda, features a new installation curated by Sebastiano Tosi, a Swiss designer capable of ranging from interior design to advertising, who will employ an innovative material called i-Mesh.

In this installation, the I GO OUT concepts from seemingly distant worlds converge within a single environment. Fiberglass and basalt meshes on the ceiling create three-dimensional structures that play with the perception of space, depending on one's perspective. On the ground, wooden, jute, and cordura benches, framed by natural elements, highlight the balance between humans and nature, as well as the harmony between technological advancements and the natural world that surrounds us.

The central focus of this new installation is i-Mesh, a technical, innovative, sustainable, and fully customizable fabric developed for architecture, design, and art. i-Mesh is the result of advanced technology, protected by patents and recognized with awards. It was conceived after years of research in multiple fields. This nonwoven fabric possesses unique beauty, strength, and versatility, all while boasting zero-waste production.
In addition, in June, the I GO OUT section caters to the widespread desire for a closer connection with nature by featuring the special participation of the Japanese brand Snow Peak, a leader in the camping world, which presents its collection both at the Sala della Ronda and with an outdoor space at the Fortezza da Basso.