Edition 106
To celebrate the launch of S|STYLE, this year Pitti Uomo has chosen to involve a community of creatives that share the same vision of the ten designers involved in the project. The special look created with the support of Kering Mil was worn by exceptional testimonials, whose faces and personalities were shot by the renowned international photographer Alessandro Simonetti, highlighting the diversity and vibrant community that celebrates attention to talent, responsibility and inclusiveness, giving every face a voice.

Concept & Styling by Giorgia Cantarini
Photos by Alessandro Simonetti
PHIL AMERICA x DENZIL PATRICK Multidisciplinary Artist and Founder of Objectsareby @philamerica
Phil America (b. 1983) is a California-raised artist, creative director, and activist based in Milan. In his work he uses installation, sculpture, performance, photography, video, design and fashion. He also recently co-founded the homeware brand OBJECTS ARE BY and has collaborated with fashion brands like Casablanca, Comme des Garçons, and Gentle Monster. He has given three TED Talks, lectured at various universities, and worked with organizations like the UN, ILO and BLM on global art projects. His latest monograph, Above The Law: Graffiti On Passenger Trains, showcases his pho-tography which has been exhibited worldwide.
DAVID BLANK x DOMENICO OREFICE Singer and Social Activist @davidblank
David Blank, originally from the Marche region, grew up singing in church under the influence of his Nigerian preacher father. After moving to London to study, he joined an artistic community that helped him discover his identity. In Milan, he attracted attention with her first EP, earning collaborations with the likes of Laura Pausini and joining her tours. In addition to being a singer, David has also worked as a DJ, exploring different music scenes and expanding his repertoire. With the singles "Standing in Line" and "Foreplay", he launched "Exhale", a project in collaboration with FLUIDOSTUDIO, marking an artistic and personal evolution. Committed to social causes, he has worked with big brands and participated in the Disney film "Soul". His music, which fuses RnB, soul and Afrobeat, explores universal themes. "Zaddy Issues" marks a further stylistic evolution, with a bilingual language and an ironic tone. He recently won the "Mission Diversity" award with the song "PRAY" and participated in LU OpeRave, a project that fuses opera and electronic music.
DAVID HARTONO x PERMU Co-Founder e Creative Technology Director di MONOGRID @hartonation
David Hartono is the Co-Founder and Creative Technology Director of MONOGRID, a digital boutique agency headquartered in Italy that specializes in immersive technology and experiential marketing for a global luxury clientele. With a Master's degree from the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands, David brings 15 years of experience in visual arts and advanced technical skills to deliver sophisticated projects that encompass interactive graphics, visuals, and special effects for video, websites, and projections. 
IAMMI STUDIO x GUIDO VERA Nicolaus Dos Santos & Stephanie Blanchard Designer & Art Director @iammi.iammi
IAMMI is a design studio founded in 2020 by Portuguese designer Nicolau dos Santos and French-Italian art director Stephanie Blanchard. The studio is focused on blurring the lines between classic and contemporary design through the exploration of new and unconventional combinations. The intention is to challenge traditional notions and arouse emotions throughout irony and provocation.IAMMI’s creative process is driven by intuition and deep listening, engaging in extensive research to develop projects that evoke emotional responses, prompting to take action. The studio pays meticulous attention to context, process, and semantics, ensuring that the final result achieves the highest level of expression. IAMMI undertakes a diverse range of projects, both self-initiated and client-commissioned, constantly experimenting with various techniques and materials, pushing the boundaries of design. As IAMMI believes in the timelessness of ideas, the approach focuses on capturing the essence of an idea rather than conforming to fleeting trends.
EDOARDO MONTI x UNSUNG WEAVERS Art Curator and Founder of Palazzo Monti @edoardomonti
Edoardo Monti is an art collector and curator who founded Palazzo Monti in Brescia. In 2017, Edoardo established the Palazzo Monti project upon returning to Italy after a long stint abroad between New York and London. He studied art and design at Central Saint Martins and Middlesex University. Palazzo Monti an artist residency programme and cultural centre that animates the family's thirteenth-century palazzo in the heart of Brescia. An incubator of contemporary art recognised by the international public, Palazzo Monti hosts international artists and designers. The structure welcomes its visitors with a wide staircase whose walls are decorated with 18th-century frescoes. The space has become a mini-museum and a non-profit exhibition space.
EDWARD BUCHANAN x BUZIGAHILL Fashion Design Consultant and Fashion Director Milano at Perfect Magazine @edward_l_buchanan
Edward Buchanan is a fashion and knitwear designer based in Milan, originally from Ohio.
After beginning his fashion education at Columbus College of Art and Design, where he studied retail advertising and fashion illustration in 1988, Buchanan moved to New York City to enroll at Parsons School of Design in 1992. During this period, the designer worked with luxury brands Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, J.Crew and Michael Kors. After graduating in 1995, Buchanan moved to Milan, where he worked for Bottega Veneta as the brand's first artistic director, overseeing the men's and women's ready-to-wear lines. In 2001, Buchanan collaborated with fellow Bottega Veneta designer Manuela Morin to launch LEFLESH, an independent line fusing knitwear and ready-to-wear pieces that brought global success to both Buchanan and the brand. Buchanan include divergent cultural references imbued with the highest sartorial standards of Italian design, as best seen in his luxury knitwear brand Sansovino6, launched in 2003. In 2019 he becomes director of knitwear design at OFF-WHITE, in 2020 he is co- founder of We Are Made in Italy, an association created to support Italian designers of color. In 2021 he joined the Perfect Magazine team as Fashion Director Milan.
JULES KIM x CAOHIME DOWLING Jewellery Designer and Creative Consultant @juleskim
Bijules, founded in 2002 and designed by former nightlife impresario Jules Kim, is known for innovative and trendsetting silhouettes paired with precious metals and gemstones. Defying both fashion and jewelry standards, pieces from the collection have been seen on Beyonce, Rihanna, Doja Cat and Cardi B. With a keen focus on positive community impact and authentic storytelling, every piece of Bijules is hand-made with an eye towards ethics and responsibility. 
“My clients are always looking for ways to tie their cultural imperatives to their purchases, and they demand honesty in concept, design and ethical practices,” explains Kim. Raised as an artist but not born into the luxurious jewelry industry, Jules's experience from working in various sectors and combining different silos of activities allowed her to view the fashion and luxury world through different lenses that inspired her one-of-a-kind masterpieces. In fact, Bespoke Bijules is a service of-fered that reflects custom design not just to the masses but also to unique individuals in search of a permanent jewelry statement. Collaboration encourages a one-on-one dialogue directly with Jules Kim, who weaves each client’s story, aspiration, and heritage into one empowered and authentic product.
GIORGIA CANTARINI x FLORANIA Journalist, Stylist and Curator of S|STYLE x Pitti Uomo @giorgiacantarini
Giorgia Cantarini is a fashion editor and stylist. Being mentored by Diane Pernet, Holly Brubach and Sara Sozzai Maino, she enriched her vision both in writing and styling. Currently, Cantarini is the senior fashion editor of L’Officiel Italy and L’Officiel Hommes Italia although during her career she has worked with many publications before this role including Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour, Vogue Italia, i-D,, La Repubblica, MF Fashion (as sustainability editor) and Hunger. Cantarini has a self-described passion for discovering emerging designers, new trends, celebrity dressing (she has worked with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Kit Harington, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Peggy Gou and many more) vintage and moreover sustainable fashion. She contributed to Olivier Saillard’s exhibition and book “Short Novel on Menswear” in 2019. She has completed a Master course in Fashion and Sustainability at London College of Fashion. She is the founder and curator of the project S|Style for Pitti Immagine Uomo, where she scouts, styles and presents the responsible cutting-edge designers in the menswear world.
Sara Moschini x VIAPIAVE 33 Head of Fashion @sara_moschini
Sara Moschini is Head of Fashion at and Grazia Factory. She has been working on the Grazia website since the dawn of time, when streetstyle was still dominated by Japan and the word outfit didn't have such an annoying sound. She enters the world of fashion thanks to her passion for illustration and photography which makes her discover brands, faces and stories that she can't forget even if she wants to. She has lived between Milan and Segrate for seven years, but in her heart and on Instagram she always has her Marche hills on her mind. If she could be reborn she would still be red, but with Karen Elson's face and PJ Harvey's voice.
Jon Bronxl x TOLO Photographer & Art Director @jonbronxl
Jon Bronxl, born in '89, is a photographer born in Accra, Ghana and raised in Italy.
After finishing his fashion design studies he worked at many clothing companies where he gained experience in various sectors until he encountered fashion photography. He works alongside expert photographers, quickly learning different techniques and increasingly refining his own. Tireless, he is always full of ideas, making his way in a historical period where, as we know, it is not easy to work continuously as a freelancer, but he believes in what he does and what he can give. He creates LOCKU NOIR STUDIO to give work to young and smart kids, with whom he develops all the commissioned projects, always trying to meet the needs of clients who believe in them and offer him important opportunities. In 2020 he also founded The Good Neighborhood collective with which he tries to bring together young Italians of Afro descent and the entire Italian black youth community.