Around the World with Pitti
Edition 98
Copenhagen native Freja Wewer wears a lot of hats. The model, stylist and creative director is an influential young voice in fashion. With a strong following on Instagram, Freja tells us more about her favourite restaurants, artists and current style trends in Copenhagen.
What do you love about your city?
It's so small, so you're always like you're 10 minutes away from everything, which makes it easy to hang out with your friends and be spontaneous. It’s a great place to relax and just chill. Before corona, I used to travel a lot, so it’s nice to be home where it’s more chilled. 

What part of the city do you find yourself in the most? 

I live in the oldest part of Copenhagen, which is in the city centre. it's a small neighbourhood, but I hang out a lot around here. It's also nice because you can get to all the different sides of Copenhagen very easily. It's like everybody knows each other, there's a very nice vibe between all the neighbours here. 

How would you describe people's personal style? 

I think it's actually quite difficult to describe people's personal style because there are so many different styles around. People are great at having a personal style here, they don't really look the same. 
Would you say that maybe your group of friends have a particular style?
I think it's very chill. I feel like people are not that ‘posh’ around here. 
Is there a particular brand of sneaker that you see a lot of people wearing?
I don't know exactly like one model, but I really feel like Asics is doing well and I love the brand myself. I see a lot of vintage models around. 

What's your favourite brand?

Ottolinger, I like their whole vibe, creative direction and clothes. It’s just the perfect mix of everything I like. 

What's your favourite restaurant? 

I like Jah Izakaya, it's a very nice Japanese restaurant. It's kind of small, but it has a very nice evening vibe. You can drink like a lot of Saki and natural wines, plus small dishes of food. It's perfect. 

What’s your, your favourite late-night spot?

I really love another restaurant called Baka d'Busk. I know the people quite well and there's always the best vibe in the evening. They have a lot of natural wines and people sometimes dance on the tables. I meet a lot of my friends there, so I think it's a great way to go to a restaurant. It feels like you're going out without staying till early in the morning, and I like that.
Are there any Barcelona based photographers that we should check out?
As for photographers, I would recommend Salva Lopez for his perfection in interiors, Iris Humm for her eyes on details and Coke Bartrina for outdoors and lifestyle. Living outside Barcelona, Camila Fálquez for portraits.

In terms of being creative, where do you go to feel inspired?

I actually love being at my own studio. I also love to go see like exhibitions, I really get inspired there. But sometimes I just like a long walk in the park or the forest. 

Are there any photographers from Copenhagen that we should check out?

I really like a photographer called Sophie Linnemann. She's a very kind person - super creative and productive. She creates new stuff all the time. I actually just worked with her myself, she’s very inspiring. So for an upcoming artist, I think she would be worth checking out. Also, my favourite danish photographer is without a doubt Casper Sejersen, I admire his work so much.

You mentioned you collaborated with Sophie, what did you work on? 

We did a collection of clothes together and some showpieces. Sophie would draw on vintage boots and then do a print. We also designed a collection with the fabric we made, I was the creative director of the campaign, but it was more like a project, rather a new brand. 

What was the last good exhibition you saw? 

Sophie exhibited at an art fair called Fan Out last week.
How would you describe the creative community in Copenhagen?
I feel like people are very good at working together, like even photographers, artists and painters. I also think a lot of people in Copenhagen just try different stuff out, people aren’t scared of failing. 

How would you describe your style of creating?

At the moment I'm experimenting a lot. I just try different fields out, like photography, clothing and film. I’m trying to find out what my field is going to be.
What's exciting you at the moment?
A lot of like creative direction lately, I feel like I'm going more in that direction now. It’s very exciting. There’s a new artist called Jeuru, he's very cool. I styled one of his music videos and I've been doing some creative direction for him. He's from New York and I really believe in him. Everyone should check him out. 
How would you say the pandemic has affected your creative process?
I was on my way to move to New York for a bit when the pandemic started, so all my work was cancelled in one day. I just had to make some new plans at home. But I think at some point it has been quite healthy, I've had the time to dig deeper into projects than I normally would.

Who would be your dream collaboration and why? 

I would really love to collaborate with Ottolinger and Asics, I love their universes so much. 

Can you tell us what you're working on at the moment?

Sophie and I just launched our collection, so I spent a lot of time working on that. It has taken almost all my time lately. Now we're almost finished with it, I need to find out what my next project will be. 

Any idea what that might be? 

I think I'm gonna style a movie, like a real feature film. 

Okay, thanks for your time.