Special Features
Edition 98
LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany
KEY PIECES: The Vintage Trucker jacket in Spanish calfskin is a luxurious and modern standout from the collection. Also notable are the brand’s flagship denim products, particularly the oversized X-lent in Candiani Kitotex stay-black denim, which is 85% eco-friendly. 
[The collection is designed for] the guy who looks for a sophisticated approach in an urban sportswear collection. Upgrading his basic range with more sophisticated materials, colors and silhouette is a must. That includes a masculine vocabulary, but utterly updated. He is aware of the changes around him and accepts them easily into his daily dressing habits, especially for silhouette. What seemed rather young and progressive is essential now.

— Manfred Wagner, Senior Menswear Designer


67% of the denim in the men’s SS21 collection are part of Closed’s “A Better Blue” eco-friendly denim line, which the brand has developed with partners Candiani and Everest in Italy since 2018. The production uses 50% less water, 65% fewer chemicals and 25% less electricity in comparison to conventional jeans. The materials used include organic and recycled materials including cotton, polyester, and elastane. The dyeing methods also use less water, energy and chemicals with Candiani’s Kikotex® technology. Finally, Everest laundry’s washing techniques achieve used-denim looks with laser or ozone gas to reduce water and chemical use.