MFF: Yoon Ambush
Edition 99
“Fashion is a reflection of the times and comfort is needed now”
According to the stylist, who is co-founder of her eponymous brand of clothing, as well as the Dior men’s jewelry designer, the key to success lies in knowing how to grasp new opportunities and take inspiration from everything around us, even if it’s only a detail we happen upon along the way.

In this unique historic moment comfort is what is needed, starting from fashion and clothes that must never overwhelm the wearer, but rather reinforce well-being and sensuality. This is the opinion of Yoon Ambush, the stylist born in South Korea, raised in Seattle, and now based out of Tokyo, who is co-founder of the eponymous brand of clothing, which has been part of the New Guards Group Italian holding since 2020, and which today proposes a complete collection for eclectic, high-spirited, and playful men and women. Nominated two consecutive times in Business of Fashion’s Top 500 People influencing the global fashion industry, Yoon is considered a new icon of style who is revolutionizing the world of fashion and accessories. Since 2018, she has also been the jewelry designer for the Dior men’s collections. However, there are many other brands with which she has collaborated, including Bulgari, Converse, and Nike.

How has men’s fashion changed over the years, from its debut to today? 
It is very fluid, and less formal and structured. As a resident of Tokyo, what I see now is not exactly new for me, since in Japan everything always moves much faster than in the rest of the world. 

What should we expect now?
Fashion reflects the times we live in and what society needs today. In this sense, it is nice to see menswear opening up to different genres and styles.

How did your career begin?
For me, fashion and accessories were and are a hobby, almost an obsession, which then transformed into a brand. And I am still here doing more than I ever dreamed was possible.

What have been some of the most important moments and turning points in your professional career?
When we first began presenting on the catwalk in Paris in 2015: it was a turning point for us (editor’s note: Yoon founded her eponymous brand together with Verbal, her friend, former fellow university student, and present-day husband). From this experience, we learned a lot and starting from that very same moment, we grew a lot and began to think big. 

What advice would you give a young artist who is getting ready to enter the world of fashion?
Take one step at a time. Always keep your eyes peeled and take inspiration from everything, even a small detail coming from everyday people you encounter in the street. Always pay attention and continue to experiment with new things.