Special Features
Edition 98
KEY PIECES: With innovative patterns referencing metropolitan signs, industrial details and metals, this collection focuses on muted hues, with the occasional pop of colour. Attitude is a key theme, displayed via the brand's fluid take on experimentation.
Speaking to the new generations of world citizens, KNT aims to be the new way to interpret the own personal style with the collections young and sophisticated appeal.

The collection is designed for the modern globetrotter, a man who adores exploring new places, discovering new cultures, putting his own life in a suitcase and setting off. A man who is an authentic dreamer who lives in elegance as the harmonious balance between dynamism and relaxation, design and comfort.

— Walter e Mariano De Matteis, KNT Kiton New Textures Creative Directors


Designed with 'surgical precision', KNT incorporates distinctive graphics and textures, reigniting familiar silhouettes. Creating a dynamic wardrobe, the Italian brand breaks tradition, adopting unique production and tailoring methods.