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Buyers Select:
Thomas Tistounet
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Buyers Select focuses on key buyers, who share their ten favourite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Parisian-based Thomas Tistounet is the Co-Owner, Creative Director, and Head Buyer of the independent retail brand United Legend. Tistounet grew up in the family-owned stores, before officially integrating into the brand at the age of 17.
After two decades in the fashion industry, Tistounet has successfully taken over the company, which now boasts a portfolio of more than 80 brands, 5 brick-and-mortar stores, and an online shop. 

As United Legend’s Creative Director, Tistounet's unique vision combines luxury maisons and emerging designers with contemporary, outdoor, and streetwear-influenced brands.
With a complex background of multiple influences, we speak to Tistounet about his 8 favorite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

My wife being Peruvian, I am following the emerging Peruvian brand born in Paris very closely. I truly appreciate their aim to promote a contemporary Perú in its designs away from the clichés usually linked to the country, and in general to Latin America. D.N.I are merging crafts, modernity, and popular culture on a journey to Peru between past, present, and future, but through a disruptive and innovative language.


The history of the classic heritage brand originates in Manchester, an industrial heartland in the northwest of England. Baracuta is one of those OG brands that has been able to invent a forever iconic item that has been much copied but never bettered. The Baracuta G9 jacket, an icon that has been worn throughout the ages by the upper class, punks, and big movie stars.  


Hoka is part of my outdoor selection. With outdoor becoming more and more of a trend in fashion, I believe it is important to integrate outdoor to fashion while preserving its core values: utilitarian, technical, and quality. Hoka is still devoid of any opportunistic fashion intention and keeps all these aspects. 


I love the newfound spirit of innovation and creative direction of Camper. Its surrealistic Spanish aesthetics and design are nurtured by the brand’s rich heritage in shoemaking full of diversity and contrast. It’s impressive how the brand has spread across the globe while keeping its design and development in the rural heart of Mallorca.

One of my first favorite shoe brands was Clarks. I used to wear the brand with passion when I was about 14 years old. Their core values of craft, innovation, and comfort still matter very much to me.


Probably one of the last emblems of ‘Made in France’ and the best sewn shoes in the world. The quality of the leathers, raw materials, and manufacturing are impressive. Accessible high-quality, much better than many overpriced luxury brand’s shoes.

The Italian Sportswear brand is probably my favorite of all Pitti brands. C.P. Company has a very broad spectrum of customers who all share its core values of technology, sport, and vintage. It’s not common that a brand is able to keep its desirability and at the same time reach so many different people globally. Plus, it reminds me of the ultra-casual football culture I was close to in another life many years ago.

I am impressed by the personal story of the Finnish-Swedish designer. Before he got into fashion design, he studied psychology and social work; did all kinds of different sales jobs, and also played poker professionally. You can feel that his collections are very much inspired by his different life experiences and I really appreciate that he is staying local, putting Helsinki at the forefront of the international fashion scene.

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