Exhibitors Spotlight: Herno
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Herno Takes the Healing Approach With a Pro Sustainable Collection

Exhibitors Spotlight focuses on a selection of brands exhibiting at this year's Pitti Uomo, showcasing their upcoming collections and special upcoming projects.
Founded in Lesa in 1948, Herno is a true ‘Made in Italy’ brand. With over 70 years of continuous evolution - from post-war raincoats to high-fashion-brand production in the 80s and 90s, Herno is synonymous with urban outerwear. 

Product is at the very heart of the brand - the result of a seamless mix of functionality and aesthetics. Based on innovation, Herno’s outerwear is dedicated to the modern consumer. The distinguishing traits of Herno-brand garments are their stylistic consistency and production, born from a fusion of tradition and modernity.
Herno’s latest project is part of the Herno Globe line, the collection label of the brand that embraces eco-sustainable projects. Born from Herno’s commitment to sustainability, the label was brought about to evolve the industrial process, elevating the company, employees, and consumer awareness of environmental issues. 

For the upcoming Herno Globe collection, 6 fabric-based projects are featured, with fabrics ranging from technical nylons to classic wools. 
The nylon projects include a Fast5Degradable nylon which decomposes into organic matter and biogas, helping to provide new resources for the environment, as well as producing energy from waste. The styles are a bomber with hood and a vest, alongside a parka, all padded with down and completely biodegradable.

The second is Regenerated Nylon. Econyl® is a recycled nylon yarn made from abandoned fishing nets. The padding of all the styles comes from recycled feathers from old duvets. This project includes a classic padded car coat, a parka and a bomber with a back part and details made of Herringbone Animal Friendly Wool. 
There a 4 wool styles in the collection: 

Sustainable Wool -  A 100% recycled made in Italy wool. Made without the use of chemicals, the production of this sustainable fabric improves the impact on the environment. The styles are a classic coat with a detachable bib and a hooded parka.

Dye-Free Wool - 100% biologic merino wool made with original color and no additional dye. Made in Italy, the material comes in two models: a rigorous coat and a hooded duffle coat.

Organic Boiled Wool - Biological wool with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. 
The biological production is based on an agricultural system that maintains and restores soil fertility without the use of toxic/persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The models are a coat, blazer, and shirt jacket.

Animal-Friendly Wool -  Produced in animal-friendly farms, this material ensures that animals are treated fairly. The styles produced in this wool include a solid color take on a bomber and a  herringbone coat with a detachable windproof bib. 
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