16 July - 9 October 2020


Brand Profile

Doucal’s was born in 1973, when the Giannini family starts the company in Montegranaro, in Marche region, the cradle of the Italian excellence in the shoe industry. The second generation of the Gianninis, charmed by the inventions and the manual skills of the old craftsmen, has gone on along this path, safeguarding the “hand-made” together with the use of contemporary approaches.

Refined design, selection of materials and the customisation of the details join with the softness and lightness of the footwear by  Doucal’s, which has been able to turn Italian class and taste as the cornerstone of its success in the world, expressing in different workings, manufacturing and technologies.

With a showroom in Milan where wide spaces with a noble taste join the design with a refined taste, two flagship stores in Milan and Paris, the worldwide distribution sees the company Doucal’s present in important department stores and in the best multibrand boutiques.

Doucal’s puts his clients, the product and its quality and style, and the company heritage, at the centre of his communication activities. This means create customized windows projects, with a coherent and elegant image and other type of events such as trunk shows. This one is aimed at involving the consumer inside the shops, which in partnership with Doucal’s, expands the story telling on the brand, and involves the consumer directly during the purchase phase, but also in pre and post purchase.


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