16 July - 9 October 2020



As we go through life, nothing stays the same. Directions and perspectives change. So do our goals. There is only one solution: to realign the compass. Set your targets, even the small ones. And off you go. Arrive. And then onwards. Milestone for milestone.  The MILESTONE brand stands for departure, safety and strength. The logo says it all: everyone should follow their star. Just like Gerrit Schweisfurth and Gerhard Bauer. When they founded the MILESTONE Sportswear Handels GmbH in 1994, they were following their own star: the development of a jacket collection. For people who seek independence and find the essential: individual development. And the necessary backup. The basis: many years in retail, lots of experience in the development of outdoor collections. And even more know-how in design and production.  Today MILESTONE is known all over the world as a jacket specialist. With designs for a stylish and valuable, urban life. With dynamic cuts, powerful silhouettes and a keen sense for functionality and unusual details. MILESTONE collections are distinguished not least of all by the use of one of the most natural materials available: leather. Refined with special techniques and a few small secrets – because that’s part of the package. Every jacket quickly becomes a favourite item. And more: MILESTONE jackets are a good friend and important companion. For everyday life. For the unexpected. Maybe even for your whole life. And for customers in more than 30 countries.

More than a jacket.


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