Snowpeak, Welcome to Rejuvenating Moments Outdoors and at the Fortezza
Edition 105
In January, Snow Peak, the Japanese camping brand that advocates outdoor living as an antidote to daily stress, will showcase its latest collection in the I GO OUT section at the Fortezza. Established in 1958, Snow Peak has undergone numerous technical evolutions over the past 60 years, yet its mission remains unchanged: to create rejuvenating experiences for people in nature through its premium lines of timeless equipment, accessories, and apparel. The brand believes that gathering outdoors is crucial to counteract modern life's troubles and reconnect with others and oneself. It's about spending time in nature and breathing clean air.

During the event, Snowpeak invites visitors to take a refreshing break and enjoy a coffee in a specially designed outdoor space at the Fortezza, reflecting the brand's philosophy and lifestyle.