Edition 105
Pitti Uomo 105 sees the return of the special participation of the J∞QUALITY FACTORY BRAND PROJECT, bringing together a selection of J∞QUALITY-certified Japanese manufacturing companies. In a dedicated space within Futuro Maschile, the excellences of Japanese craftsmanship present a proposal of premium garments designed to transcend time and differences in age and gender.

After its debut in January 2023 and its presence in June, this time, there are 12 companies chosen from the 400 JQ factories, which, in collaboration with J∞QUALITY FACTORY BRAND (JQFBP), are exhibiting at Pitti Uomo 105. 
The J∞QUALITY FACTORY BRAND PROJECT is a cross-cutting project, with Masato Koyama of HEUGN as its design director and consulting from Hirofumi Kurino, senior advisor of United Arrows LTD., in collaboration with the selection of certified factories from Japan. Based on a unified ambiance, the initiative aims to showcase the superior technology of certified factories that are unique worldwide.

Here are the 12 JQFBP companies  at Pitti Uomo:
Daiichi Knit Marketing, Ito Medias, Marucho, Maruwa Knit, Miyata. WF, Nakano Apparel, Okochi Meriyasu, Santei, Sanyo Senko, Sun Ace, Sun Line, Uchida Dyeing Works.

The project will culminate in a presentation event with an accompanying cocktail, set at the Fortezza da Basso on Tuesday, January 9 from 2 to 4 pm, at the stand in the Central Pavilion (Top Floor, A-1).


The project was established in 2015 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Apparel Fashion Industry Council (JAFIC) to revitalize the production areas of the sector in Japan. Currently, there are 400 factories involved. J∞QUALITY (JQ) differs from Made In Japan products that operate solely in tailoring. All production processes take place in Japan. JQ is a licensing system granted to excellent factories, recognized for safety standards, respect for the supply chain, and compliance with production and planning processes carried out in Japan for materials, dyeing, stitching, planning, and sales. JQ's technology is so advanced that it has produced fabrics and finishes for globally renowned luxury brands.

Hirofumi Kurino

As a senior advisor to the creative direction of UNITED ARROWS LTD, he reads the social flows of politics, economy, music, cinema, and art reflected on the global situation. A fashion journalist, writer, and correspondent for major Japanese and international fashion publications, he also speaks at conferences on fashion trends and social networks. He has contributed to fashion culture nationally and globally as an advisor to JFW (Japan Fashion Week) and a member of the PV award committee. Starting this year, he is a jury member of the LVMH award.

Masato Koyama

Design director for the Japanese brand HEUGN. The brand's name derives from the Japanese word "yūgen," which expresses the sense of a hidden beauty waiting to be discovered. Japanese taste and aesthetics distinguish collections that communicate their style through timeless garments.