Special Features
Edition 98
Incorporating high-quality materials, Brunello Cucinelli’s luxury aesthetic is designed for longevity. Known for exquisite cashmere pieces and muted palettes, the brand’s mantra - “a fair, healthy, gracious growth”, is relayed via sustainable procedures and an appreciation for premium fabrics.
At our company we have always strived to strike the right balance between making a profit and giving back — trying to work without harming the creation, or impacting it as little as possible. I share the view of Emperor Hadrian, who said that he felt responsible for beauty in the world. I would like to be remembered as a good man who loved beauty

— Brunello Cucinelli


In 2018, Cuncincelli’s ‘Project for Beauty’ saw the renovation of a 173-acre landscape in the small town of Solomeo. The home of Cuncincelli’s manufacturing plant, the project included the restoration of a 12th-century church and maintenance of the designer’s plant.

Part of the renovation included a bold monument inscribed with brass lettering, reading: ‘Tribute to Human Dignity’. The monument also listed five major continents, solidifying the project’s global nature.

This year saw the introduction of the ‘Brunello Cucinelli For Humanity’ project. The initiative was created to distribute Cucinelli’s out of season merchandise, gifting 30 million euros worth of luxury goods, unsold due to the pandemic.

To distribute the garments, Cucinelli established a council of six family members and four company employees. With shipments made 2-3 times a year, each parcel will contain 40-50 pristine garments, gift wrapped with a note from Cucinelli himself.

Using ‘Humanistic capitalism’ as a life mantra, Cucinelli’s values lie in respecting and helping others, alongside adopting a spiritual attitude towards nature.