MFF: Sabina Zabberoni
Edition 99
“Men’s fashion will continue to grow more and more”
The owner & CEO of the network of Julian Fashion stores with headquarters in Milano Marittima continues to trust in the future despite the crisis.  

Despite the moment of crisis, Sabina Zabberoni, owner & CEO of Julian Fashion, a company that counts five boutiques in Milano Marittima, with the recent addition of a historical boutique located in the city center of Rimini and an e-commerce channel,, is convinced that there is still great room for growth in men’s fashion. “Making forecasts in a moment like this one is difficult, but from what I can see, I believe that men’s fashion will continue to grow more and more”, explained Sabina Zabberoni, who began working in the world of fashion at the age of fourteen, helping her parents out in their boutique during the summer season. “Our young customers have increased over time and have a strong purchasing potential, as there is likewise an increasingly high number of new customers and those that we can define as historic. To reply to these new needs, we are increasingly focused on providing a dedicated service to all of our various types of clientele”.

As someone who took their very first steps in the world of fashion at such a young age, how have you seen menswear change over the years? 
Every trend is the descendant of its own times and historical contest, and just like time itself, is constantly changing and evolving. In this pandemic era, the situation we are experiencing is strongly reflected in the proposals of brands, with volumes and fabrics that are once again wider, so customers can wear something fashionable, even if they are only comfortably seated on their couches at home. Slippers and slip-ons have evolved with materials and soles that are more resistant for both indoor and outdoor use. We are curious to see what the next step will be.

In your opinion, what is the most iconic item in what is an extremely unusual historic moment?
This year, like never before, has seen one menswear item in particular lead the way in every collection: knitwear. In confirmation of my theory on the changes taking place in men’s fashion, no item in menswear is more versatile than a nice attractive sweater that allows you to be cool both inside and outside the four walls of your home. Especially if it is cashmere, developed and blended with jersey in a variety of ways including jackets, trousers, and suits, which is ideal for all those smart workers who must be elegant and comfortable during video calls taking place in their very own living rooms.

What have been the most important moments and turning points in your professional pathway?
My career officially began when I finished studying and decided to start down this professional pathway. My first professional turning point arrived when my father passed away and I had to take the situation in hand and move forward with everything. The second instead arrived with the entry of my daughter into the company, who brought innovation with her, encouraging me to have an outlook that was increasingly projected towards the future.
There is then the prestigious award that your company recently received, the Women Value Company 2020 for the application of policies to enhance women’s work and manage gender diversity as a strategic lever for business.
I was truly honored to receive this recognition. In today’s society, unfortunately, women’s work is not yet considered equally, and it is a pride to be able to be the ambassadors of these values, which for us have always represented one of the foundations of our reality.