Edition 106
Place of the event
Date of the event
11.06.2024 13:00
The best contemporary Chinese menswear arrives at the Fortezza da Basso with CHINA WAVE, a special area created from the partnership between Pitti Uomo and the China National Garment Association. At the Costruzioni Lorenesi, a curated selection of eight collections by CHIC (China International Fashion Fair) aims to promote Chinese brands that stand out for their quality and aesthetics.
Co-founded by fashion designer Li Wenjie and landscape designer Geng Hualiang VALLEYOUTH is a young men's fashion brand that blends the concepts of 'valley' and 'youth.' Its designs revolve around natural elements, drawing from everyday experiences and personal insights. Youth is a state of mind characterized by an independent attitude and a pursuit of freedom.
This is the high-end series of K-BOXING, the leading brand of high-end business casual men's wear in China. Launched in 2020 at Milan Fashion Week, it builds on over 40 years of craftsmanship and quality combined with design. The collection merges oriental aesthetics with Italian elegance to let the world see the power of Chinese fashion.
Christopher Raxxy is positioned as a luxury down jacket brand with extensive global influence in the future, inheriting traditional Chinese culture, combining art and innovative craft, cross-boundary fashion design with mathematical logic thinking, and a brand of new futurist aesthetics.
An acronym for J-Different View, this label aims to advance a unique perspective. It integrates life experiences into clothing designs, conveying the brand philosophy that "apparel is not just a piece of clothing, but also a way of life," dedicated to those who have a passion for living.
Established in Shanghai in 2019, FENGGY is a luxury sportswear brand tailored to the needs of the contemporary woman: independent and innovative. It introduces a new style awareness driven by a minimal and versatile aesthetic. A line where the comfort and functionality of sportswear harmoniously interact with fashion trends.
Based in Shanghai, BLACKHEAD is an accessory brand rooted in a philosophy of realism. It challenges conventional norms with its bold and whimsical design language, conveying its spirit of rebellion and encouraging people to find their authentic selves. The brand is dedicated to initiating a movement of bodily expression through accessories, documenting and showcasing the free will of youth, thereby building BLACKHEAD's cultural archive.
A headwear brand that combines street style elements with personality and attitude expression. Already favored by fashion system experts and enthusiasts, Keyone champions independent thinking as the essence of a brand. It embraces trends without following the crowd, encouraging a playful approach to dressing.
Founded in 2018, TYPETAIL is a streetwear brand that integrates a contemporary vision into street fashion. It draws inspiration from the daily social lives of young people. It captures personalized trajectories and trendy topics in social community life, using these as series inspiration. It shares narratives and design concepts, resonating with its audience.